30-70% Off Attorney Services for Estate Planning

Through Ascab you can receive discounts from 30-70% off attorney services for estate planning purposes. Through our preferred network of Attorneys, we have negotiated an initial free consultation, to determine services needed. Then we have a pre-negotiated rate about 50% below the average cost of similar plans drawn up by similar Estate Planning attorneys, in your applicable service area. Ninety percent of Americans fall into the category of needing just a cookie cutter type document that is template driven; our attorney network specializes in these types of documents and services.

Coverage Discounts Include:

  • Free initial Consultation to determine services needed.
  • Documents to avoid all potential probate of your estate “ a will doesn’t suffice”
  • Living Will with Medical Directives
  • Pourover Will transfers assets from your estate to your trust upon death.
  • Completion of an estate plan that may only be half prepared
  • Make changes to an estate plan after certain life events, birth of child, or marriage
  • Help you avoid spending through assets in case of Long Term care confinement
  • Set up a trust to help you avoid lengthy and costly probate process, while also effectively minimize estate taxes, and maintain control over the distribution of your assets.


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