To put it simply, yes! You could be the healthiest person in the world and unfortunately accidents can still happen. An accident is not something you can really predict or plan for, that is why it is considered an accident. With today’s rising deductibles in the marketplace, sometimes it is an accident that pushes us to have to meet that deductible unfortunately. If you are a risk taker then one of our Accident Forgiveness Plans is a no brainer, but these plans apply to everyone including the safest of people. If you have children, then one of our family plans should be a must have. As much as we want to always protect our kids and keep them safe, parents know how difficult this can be. Don’t get blindsided by huge medical costs demanding to be paid before your coverage can kick in. Let us eliminate this burden for you for a one low monthly payment that is so affordable it’s almost impossible to say no.
Our Accident Forgiveness Plans covers anything that a typical plan would consider an accident. Did you get injured on the job? Have a car accident? Your kid break a bone? Did you suffer a concussion from a sporting activity? Trip and fall? Quite simply this covers anything from unforeseen bumps, bruises, or breaks all the way to major brain injuries, internal bleeding, and life threatening injuries. This does not cover illnesses, diseases or infections related to an illness or disease. If you are ever unsure, please contact us and explain your case. These plans also do not cover the cost of damage to an object you own during an accident, such as your vehicle. This is only for medical insurance bills prior to your deductible being met.
Let’s say you have a medical plan with a deductible of only $2,500, but you want to buy our $5,000 plan in case of a major accident that could result in major medical bills. The short answer to this questions, is yes you can. As long as you can show us that even after meeting your deductible your medical bills related to the accident exceed the $2,500 deductible on your plan, we are going to stand by our plans guarantee. This means that if your bills are let’s say $3,700, then we guarantee to negotiate these expenseson your behalf, pay out the negotiated amount  in one lump sum for you, and absorb the difference up to that $3,700 as long as you have that $5,000 plan with us! All you pay us is a one-time processing fee of either $100 or $250 based on your level of choice with us. Which amount sounds better to you? $3,700 or $250? Hmmmm…..

You are not obligated to any contracts with us so you can cancel your plan at any time. Please keep in mind though that as soon as you cancel, your plan becomes ineffective immediately upon termination. Also, if you cancel after using our Accident Forgiveness service, you cannot re-enroll again until the same date of your use of our service starts on the next calendar year. You will also have to pay an enrollment fee again when you are allowed to re-enroll. This means if you received any sort of discount or special offering at the time of your original enrollment, we cannot guarantee that same discount will apply when requesting to re-enroll. These rules are in place to avoid people cancelling and re-enrolling to get another use before it is allowed or feeling like they can cancel after our service and bypass the normal process if they decide to re-enroll later.

If you have an accident and decide to use your Accident Forgiveness Plan to cover the expenses, you will be charged a one time processing fee based on the level of the plan, either $100 or $250 dollars. This fee is to cover the labor and time involved for us to negotiate down your medical bills on your behalf and also to help us cover the expenses that accumulate sometimes when we have to absorb the difference per our guarantees to our customers.

Depending upon our current offerings, there is usually a one-time setup or enrollment fee associated with purchasing an American Savers Club Upgraded Membership. You will always see the fee at the time of purchase before any transaction takes place and if an agent is setting you up with the plan, they will always discuss this fee with you prior to getting your approval for purchase. Sometimes we have discounts and specials going that can assist with this fee. In order to learn more about potential discounts, you would need to speak to an agent who can walk you through the plans and discuss this with you further at the time of purchase.

Enrollment fees help ensure that we are covering the costs associated with our Accident Forgiveness Service, especially when situations happen where a customer happens to have an accident shortly after purchasing a plan. It also to retain members who think they cancel right after using our help and then re-enroll later when a new calendar year starts without any obligations. Remember, even with an enrollment fee, monthly payment, and processing fee; in the event of an accident, you will still save tons of money! We are talking hundreds of dollars versus thousands of dollars! To see an example of what you could save, see our “How Am I Saving with an Upgraded Membership?” 

Contact your agent today to learn more about any current specials we might be offering on enrollment if you are having any concerns. If you do not have an agent, call us at 1-800-750-7581 and one will be appointed to you. We are here to help!

Our Accident Forgiveness Plans are designed to provide negotiation services one time per calendar year, regardless of how many members you have on a family plan or how many accidents you have on a single plan. For example, let’s say you buy a family plan and add 3 kids and a souse to your plan. Then let’s say half way through the year someone on this plan sustains an injury due to an accident that results in seeking medical treatment and you decide to use our Accident Forgiveness Service for the bill. Once you make this request and the negotiation process takes place, your one time per calendar year use has been utilized and you are no longer allowed to use it again until a year from your signup date when you get a new use for the year, regardless of whether someone else has an accident before then. This does not mean your plan is useless afterwards and you should cancel though. See “Can I Cancel My Plan If I No Longer Want It” to understand why.
After enrolling into one of our Upgraded Memberships, you will then continue to pay a monthly fee on the agreed upon processing date between you and your agent, or on the same date each month as your date of purchase if you bought a plan without an agent. In order to use the Accident Forgiveness Plan that our Service offers, your plan must be active and all payments must be up to date. We will auto-draft your payments from whatever banking account or card you provide at the time of enrollment. If our attempt at this auto-draft is declined, we will make every attempt to reach you to resolve this issue by phone, email and mailing. The issue must be resolved within 30 days of the decline in order for us to re-instate your membership without penalty or we will have to consider it an official cancellation.

If at the time of purchase of an American Savers Club Upgraded Membership you also took advantage of our discount offering for a Medical Savings Plan, congratulations! Both Plans are unique and incredibily useful. However, if after having both plans you decide you really like the Medical Savings Plan, but no longer want the American Savers Club Membership, then you must notfiy American Savers Club that you wish to cancel. Once that cancellation is complete, you will have to begin paying the full non-discounted price of the Medical Savings Plan you wish to keep moving forward, effective immediately.

In order to learn more about the standard prices of the plans at Medical Savings Plan, visit Remember, in order t get the $10/mo discount on a Medical Savings Plan, you must upgrade to an American Savers Club Accident Forgiveness plan through  via the discount selection. If you are confused about the purchasing process, please have your agent assist you or reach out to us directly at 1-800-750-7581 to have an agent appointed to you!

All enrollment fees and processing fees are considered non-refundable. If you choose to cancel a plan, you will also not be refunded for any prior months of services that were drafted from your account, regardless of if you actually used the Accident Forgiveness Service part of your plan. You will however be able to cancel your plan at anytime and all future auto-draft set to extract from your account will be ceased. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, please contact your agent or us at anytime. 1-800-750-7581.
The beautiful thing about our Accident Forgiveness Plans is that as soon as you are enrolled and have made your intial payment, you are eligible to use your one time per calendar year Accident Forgiveness Service immediately! We never want to hear of someone suffering from the effects of an accident, but should this end up being the case shortly after you have purchased a plan with us, we are going to help you or whomever is listed on the plan with you! Simple. As. That.

This is an important question and one we truly love to address because once we give an example, people see for themselves just how much sense it makes to have this type of service available to them and their family.

Savings Example:

Let’s say you have a deductible of $5,000 and you sustain an injury from an accident well before meeting your deductible for the year. After all of the medical bills come in, they total out to $3,800 and you are only $200 into your health plans deductible. Instead of paying that $3,800, you could pay us a $250 processing fee and we will take care of the rest. Your amount will be negotiated, paid, and absorbed by us! This means that even if you bought a family plan at 39.95 and it is month 12 of the plan (39.95 x 12 = 479.40) and you pay us $250 to assist, you have still only ended up spending 729.40 to American Savers Club that entire year and you can kiss that $3,800 bill goodbye, guaranteed! What do you prefer, paying $479.40 broken down into manageable monthly payments over the course of the year with a once time fee of $250, or having to pay $3,800 that you don’t have so that you can avoid collections and protect your credit score?

There are many more examples we can give you, but the bottom line is that our plans are so affordable and provide such peace of mind that they are worth every penny. It’s a service you never want to use, but that you don’t want to waste time worrying about it happening. 


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